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Marc Hennerici Vice-Champion in ADAC GT-Masters 2009

Due to the fact that Marc Hennerici and his partner Luca Ludwig caught up brilliantly during the second race of the finals on 18 October 2009 in Oschersleben, they were able to finish the season in second place.

After the practice, the qualifying and the first race disappointment had been major: Torrential rain on 16 & 17 October 2009 made it difficult to set-up the car efficiently. In addition to the difficulties caused by those unfavorable weather conditions, further problems had to be faced on Saturday on the drying track. During the qualifying Marc Hennerici lost about five minutes due to a lose front splitter – hence – due to cold tires – he had to start the race from 10th place only.

Shortly after the start of the first race on Saturday afternoon a technical breakdown – a transmission failure - forced Marc Hennerici to get out of the Callaway-Corvette. The championship had been lost irrevocably. Therefore, Christian Abt became the declared Champion even before the end of the race.

Fortunately, Sunday started with a turn for the better: rather perfect weather conditions and a dry track supported the performance characteristics of the Callaway-Corvette. The declared intention to finish the season at least second resulted in the slogan “MAXIMUM ATTACK”.
However, Marc Hennerici lost another two positions when the race was started – Moser and Lechner were able to overtake – so he actually started the race from place 12. Thanks to skilful maneuvers the 27 year old student of economics passed by Moser, Lechner and Andreas Wirth (Alpina BMW). Thereafter the audience witnessed an inspired fight between the new champion Christian Abt and Marc Hennerici. Again and again Hennerici overtook Abt – who successfully counterattacked each time. After five laps, the Mayen-born Hennerici eventually left Abt behind. After two more passing maneuvers – he passed Ronnie Bremer (Ascari) and Frank Kechele (Argo-Audi) – Hennerici was in third position.
At this point in time – 30 minutes after the race had been started – the independent World Touring Car Champion 2005 was behind Richard Westbrook (Porsche – Team Mühlner Motorsport). Hennerici won the tough fight against the second of the FIA GT2-championship and Porsche Super Cup Winner. Hennerici handed the car over to Luca Ludwig who came back on track in third place.
Luca Ludwig – son of famous Klaus Ludwig – kept this position until the end of the race, without any further attacks as the determined goal was Vice-Championship.
Marc Hennerici was more than happy and stated: “It has been one of the toughest but at the same time one of the most beautiful races in my life. My opponents were pretty tough on me – but always fair.”
Dr. Klaus-Hugo Koch, Marc Hennerici’s manager added: “An exciting season – with ups and downs – is over. It has been proven again that it is worth fighting until the very end. The team always believed in itself; the whole team – including engineers and mechanics – can be proud of an outstanding performance. With his fantastic driving performance Marc Hennerici added the icing on the cake today.”

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