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A frustrating day for Marc Hennerici at Silverstone

The Marc VDS Racing Team endured a difficult qualifying race at Silverstone this afternoon.

As has become the norm in the GT1 World Championship the opening lap was chaotic, with incidents in each of the first four turns. After a good start and having managed to avoid the incidents in the first four turns, Hennerici had worked his way up to sixth place at the end of the opening lap. The Marc VDS driver looked all set to retain the position until the pit stop, but dropped back to eighth after being slowed by oil on the track surface. Hennerici was lucky not to drop back further after a hit from Clivio Piccione in the #3 Aston Martin damaged the left door on the Ford, causing it to swing open and reduce downforce in every left-hand corner.

Leinders retained eighth place after the pit stop, but was slowed almost immediately by a fuel pressure problem on the #40 Ford GT. The Belgian battled on in tenth position, but was forced to finally retire when fuel pressure dropped to zero.

Marc Hennerici: #40 Ford GT

"The start was really difficult because there was an incident in every one of the first four corners. I managed to find a way through the chaos and was up into sixth place by the end of the first lap, which I was pretty happy with. I lost time when someone dropped oil on the track and couldn't fight off the challenge of Corvette and the Aston Martin, which dropped me back to eighth. Piccione then made a really stupid manoeuvre on me and crashed into my door, damaging it and causing it to fly open on left corners, reducing downforce and causing oversteer. From that point on it was a big fight, but I managed to hold on and hand over the car to Bas in eighth position. Unfortunately it was for nothing, as Bas had to retire from the race with what looks like an engine problem. It looked like it was going to be a good race at the start, but it wasn't."

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