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Hennerici wins Homerace

Brilliant victory of Prospeed-Porsche 911 over Black Falcon-Mercedes SLS AMG at Blancpain Endurance Series at the Nürburgring

A long distance race can hardly be more exciting than the fifth race of the Blancpain Endurance Series (BES) at the Nürburgring. During the last 30 minutes Jereon Bleekemolen in Black Falcon-Mercedes SLS AMG chased the Prospeed-Porsche 911 GT3 R piloted by Marc Goossens with less than one second distance around the track. Goossens did not get nervous; despite the pushy dutchman he remained bravely in the leading position and ensured together with Marc Hennerici and Xavier Maassen the first Porsche victory of the BES-season 2012. Bleekemolen coming in second along with Congfu Cheng and Mike Parisy. Frank Kechele, Mathias Lauda and Greg Franchi ranked third on their Vita4One-BMW Z4 GT3 in the end.

Marc Hennerici’s splendid start laid the foundation of the Prospeed-victory. Beginning on position number seven, Marc Hennerici from Mayen was able to take the lead already in the first curve and remained ahead until the only safety car phase after about 40 minutes (Marc Hayek’s take-off on Lamborghini). Thanks to a better timed stop, Greg Franchi took the leading position after the first round of pit stops. During the third hour of the race, Goossens and Bleekemolen were able to fight in front of the Vita4One-BMW and decided the race among themselves.

«During my stint at the beginning of the race, the car was handling well, but there was no speed», stated Marc Hennerici after the race. «I was at the head of the field, but, although my chasers were caught up in duels, I was not able to make a decisive gap to the rest of the field. The safety-car, however, would have leveled out any lead. In the end, the race being so exciting, I was not even able to watch the race on the screen anymore.»

Thanks to this impressive win Marc Hennerici, Marc Goossens and Xavier Maassen are now on third place in the championship.

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